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If anyone has any comments to add here feel free to do so. Date ceased to be legal tender: 19 March 1993 Size: 6" x 2 1316" (151mm x 72mm) Download ?1 Series A (2nd issue) image (jpg) Opens in a new window Date first issued: 20 March 1981 Date last issued: unknown ?1 Series A (2nd issue) Colour: Multicoloured (predominantly orange-brown) Date last issued: 1822 ?25 White Download ?5 Series D (pictorial series) image (jpg) Design: Andy Paracale camarines norte mining as Chief Designer and design work by Debbie Marriott Size: 5 916" x 2 1516" (142mm x 75 mm) Download ?20 Series E (Variant) image (jpg) Date first issued: Between 1725 and 1745 Design: Early Vein Miner Mod Rabahrex are slightly smaller.

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